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Photos of Beautiful Birds

I have pictures of Peacocks, Red-Tailed Hawks, Goldfinches, American Kestrels, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Seagulls and more...

Download the small jpeg files for only $3.50! (Click on any bird image from SmugMug site, go to the "Buy" tab for purchasing options.)

Beautiful peacock

Indian Blue PeafowlPeacock with his feathers spread

Peacocks at the Lazy 5 Ranch

Indian Blue PeafowlPeacock with his feathers spreadSide view... feathers to the left

Peacock Mating Dance

They use their beautiful feathers fanned out in a courtship ritual.

This red tailed hawk has caught a lizard (anole).

This is a young red tailed hawk that has caught a lizard (anole) for a snack.

This bird lives and hunts in our woods by the house. We enjoy watching him!

Close up of a young red-tailed hawk hunting in our woods beside the house.

Gold Finch in the Cone Flowers

Male goldfinch in some purple coneflowers. They love the seed heads!

The Owls Gallery

Purchase an 8 x 10 canvas gallery wrap of these birds. I also have 11 x 14 ready to hang mounted prints. Lots of different sizes and prices. Just click on the "Buy" tab from SmugMug.

SmugMug Birds Gallery


Beautiful Peacock

Mother and Baby Geese

Mother Canadian Goose and her baby geese

Two goslings are poking their heads up from under her wings. Cute!

Notice the two hidden in the front.

American Kestrel

American Kestrels

What a beautiful bird of prey!!

American Kestrel in the pink azaleas

American Kestrel in the Flowers

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Eastern Blue Bird

Eastern Blue Bird

Mississippi Kite (falcon) with Wings Spread  - Also known by names... blue kite, gray kite, Louisiana kite, mosquito kite

Mississippi Kite

Red Shouldered Hawk

Harris Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Harris Hawk

Cooper's HawkCaught this beauty in our front yard.

Cooper's Hawk

Beautiful Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Herring Seagull

Herring Seagull

Peregrin Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

Red-Shouldered Hawk Squawking - Also known as a Red-Bellied Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Bald Eagle StandingPerfect for adding text to the left!

Bald Eagle - Carolina Raptor Center